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Things to do in St Ives

Here is a list of what I feel are the top 10 things to do in St Ives Cornwall:

10. St Ives Museum

The St Ives museum is a great way to pass on an hour or so.  It houses some fantastic history, artifacts and pictures of the town through the years.  You can take a walk down memory lane from the early days to more modern times seeing what it has been and is famous for.  Not only that but it is cheap at only a few pounds to get in.

9. Ghost Walk

On alternate evenings during the week (they can vary) there is a Ghost Walk which leaves from Westcotts Quay around 9pm.  Led by ‘Shantybaba’ you will walk through various parts of the town and be told about the darker side of the town.  A good bit of fun.

8. Self Drive Boats

The self drive moter boats have been a feature of the town as long as I can remember, offering you the chance to ride the bay for 15 mins, 30 mins or an hour at varying prices.  On a nice day good fun can be had whether it is for a couple or a family.  Don’t worry if you get stranded like I did when I was younger, they power out and get you going again :-).

7. Seal Island

Trips leave daily in the peak season to take you out into the bay and towards seal island.  A lovely trip and you always see seals who are very friendly!

6. Photography

All lovers of photography can get some amazing images in St Ives all year round.  Whether you are a professional or a budding amatuer you can take your SLR on a walk and see what you can come up with, most likely timeless images you will look back on with fondness.  I would advise dusk and dawn as a lovely peaceful time to get up and out to get some quite spectacular scenes of St Ives.

5. Live Music

Live music has come on leaps and bounds in St Ives over the last few years, it has become more of a regular feature and the quality is great.  Places like the Lifeboat Inn have a regular circuit of acts catering to all tastes, it can make for a great night.  The Union Inn often has an open mic night on a Monday evening (may change dependant on season).  The open mic night is great fun, the organisers play some fantastic sets and all are welcome to get up and have a go!  The Hub has started having acts on in the summer months too, we saw one particular 3 piece outfit, acoustic, bass and percussion, playing both their own stuff and covers, great fun!

4. Beaches

St Ives has a wondeful set of picturesque and clean beaches. Namely, the harbour, Porthminster, Porthmeor and Porthgwidden.  Porthmeor is the surfing beach and is great to watch the talented surfers ride the sizeable waves.  On most you can hire chairs, windbreaks etc and have some good old british holiday fun!

3. Walking

On of my favourite things to do in St Ives, from walking along a beach, walking round the cobbled streets or going further a field on the coastal path.  The fresh air, the scenery and sounds all come together to make for a nice relaxation!  Whether I am alone with my wife, the dog or my camera (or all three) you feel like you are relaxed, or energised not the least alive!

2. Art

St Ives is a hub for the best in Cornish art and is famous around the world.  Artists say it is the light in St Ives that is unique and creates for a better minds eye and landscape.  St Ives is a place the legendary Barbara Hepworth called her home and some of her sculptures are still dotted around the town.  It is currently home to the likes of Keith English and Sally MacCabe who has a gallaries.  There are various gallaries around the winding streats, alleys and roads with some of the finest work you will see on canvas.  Of course it is all for you to browse, enjoy and even buy.

1. Food

My favourite.  St Ives has an amazing array of restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes.  From the high end of Seagrass, Porthminster Cafe and Alba to the more querky Blas Burger works St Ives has it all.  I can go into pretty much any establishment in the town and know I am going to get a quality meal at a fair price for what I am served, impeccable service and memories.  Importanly most places will serve you food that is grown, bought or caught local, and that, for me at least, is important.  I rarely have a bad word to say about food in St Ives and I doubt very much that you will either.

And there you have it, my top ten.  A top ten that is part of countless reasons why I and so many love St Ives, Cornwall.

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