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St Ives Storm 2014

St Ives has had its fair share of storms over the years but 2014 has so far been a bit of a hum-dinger!  Last week saw some mammoth sized waves hitting the beaches and keys of St Ives and there is set to be little respite as the weather surges again this weekend.  While browsing YouTube we found this video captured last week as the waves batter the harbour and Westcotts Quay in St Ives.

You can see the waves smashing against the harbour side, the ocean swelling over the harbour side and engulfing the beaches of St Ives.  There have been reports of damage to buildings and flooding of some of the shops on the harbour front because of St Ives storm 2014.  One poor St Ives resident was awoken to a kitchen window being blown in by a wave hitting her house overlooking Smeaton’s Pier.  One can only hope that this is the last St Ives storm 2014 and that there is as little if no damage to residents and businesses this weekend. here is the video via St Ives TV:

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