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Alfresco St Ives is a restaurant Cornwall situated right on the harbour front. It has a nice friendly atmosphere inside and has space outside for dining on the harbour front in nicer weather through the summer.  Alfresco has a small menu usually but you would be surprised with the many ingredients available infused in dishes from local caught seafood to local farmed meats and poultry.  I find the food to be presented very well, to a great standard and is reasonably priced.

I have been Alfesco St Ives a few times but recently I had the pleasure of a lovely table in the window with nice evening views of the harbour.  While the menu changes from time to time due to seasonality, if available I recommend the venison carpaccio from the starters and the chicken supreme from the mains.  The cod if available is also a delight, not to mention the chowder.

Alfresco St Ives is not the biggest, however for me this is perfect because you can guarantee a good level of service which in turn allows the chefs time to concentrate on perfecting their craft.  I found the wine menu to be very generous in choice and a selection to suit, taste and budget.  Depending on the time of year Alfresco offers a 2 courses for £16+ which is more than reasonably priced and some dishes may require a suplement.

On the whole I found the food at Alfresco St Ives good, the prices reasonable and the location excellent.  The thing with St Ives is the choice of restaurant is in abundance and as such the quality needs to be apparent as such Alfresco St Ives has been in St Ives for a long time now so I have no doubt you will enjoy if you go.

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