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Seagrass restaurant is very new to St Ives, Cornwall.  The head chef is Lee Groves, semi finalist of Masterchef the Professionals.  In such a short time, Lee and this wonderful restaurant have won countless awards and been finalists in many others.  Site yourself down for a romantic table for two, as I did, and it is very easy to see why.  Every last attention to detail is looked after in the presentation of the resturant, table setting, the way the dining experience is introduced by the staff and I haven’t even got to the food yet!

Seagrass offers some fine and cared for food, a mix of the local with contemporary, the odd mediterrainean or far east element creaps into a dish to deliver an explosion of tastes from every dish on the menu.  From the simplest of starters to the design and nurture of a flamboyant main the menu has it all.  Although I have never met Lee, from the times I have dined there I can see his attention to detail is second to none.  It is clear to see he commands this of his staff too.  In fact on a number of occasions I have been dining and noticed him spend a little time at the kitchen door, scanning the dining room, looking at peoples reactions to the tastes, looking at how the service is going and how busy the restaurant is.  Constantly processing the information to make for better food and a better experience for his customers.

Seagrass is probably at the top end price wise for St Ives but it is worth every penny, not to be put off if your budget doesn’t stretch there are seasonal specials and early bird specials which are definitely worth a try.  Like all good restaurants, Seagrass gets booked up fast so if you want to try the delights of this lovely restaurant make sure you book early! One of my favourite things about how St Ives has evolved over recent years is that a lot of the restautants have a ‘green’ policy to the environment and above all they buy their supplies local to ensure the long term growth of cornwall businesses and industry.  I am pleased to say Seagrass is no different.

Without question this restaurant should be on your hitlist for St Ives, I can’t wait to go back!

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