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The Lifeboat Inn, St Ives, Cornwall is situated on the wharf front of the lovely harbour.  It serves an honest pint and a nice bite of food on the backdrop of the wonderful seafront of St Ives.  I have been going in the Lifeboat for a number of years now, particularly if I want to watch a sporting event that is on, they usually have some of the main games on the screens around the pub.  They sell a lot of local ales from the St Austell Brewery or a nice pint of rattler, it is very spacious too which is good if you have the kiddies in tow.

The Lifeboat is also popular for being one of the premier places in St Ives to see some live music.  They have a lot of cornish artists and bands of all music genres who come to play the night away in this traditional Cornish pub.  Music usually starts between 8 and 9pm but be sure to get down around 7 to get a good seat.  The bands and artists they have can play a mixture of covers and their own creations which gives for a nice mix.  Many a folk will be walking past on the font, hear the music from inside and stop for one drink and end up making a night of it!  I know I have.

To keep up to date with ‘What’s on’ at The Lifeboat Inn check out their facebook and twitter pages or indeed ours as we will be tweeting or retweeting as and when things come up.

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