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Blas Burgerworks St Ives, Cornwall is a fabulous addition to this wonderful Cornish town and I have to say is one of the finest burgers I have had this side of the United States!  Blas pride themselves on being ‘not fast just fabulous’ and producing a burger as it should be.

Blas Burgerworks St Ives embody the 3 r’s of reduce, reuse, recycle.  Their establishment uses green electricity they use Ecover cleaning products and the furniture is made from reused goods and it all looks so classy!

Nestled in The Warren St Ives, Blas Burgerworks St Ives is the real deal, not only are they as green as you can get but they use wherever possible locally sourced produce to go into their wonderful food.  That means 100% British Beef – the best beef!!

You don’t just have to like eating beef to enjoy a good burger though as Blas cater for a mighty chicken burger, award winning halloumi stack burger, chilli cheese, black bean you name it and they can put it in a bun and make it look and taste epic.

Their is an array of delicious toppings, combo’s and sides to go with your meal which can be washed down by fair trade juices, local brewed ales or imported wines.

There are no reservations at Blas Burgerworks St Ives, don’t be afraid to sit with new folks and make friends and if you miss out due to popularity do try and try again.  You won’t be disappointed.


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