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The Sloop Inn St Ives is one of the most popular establishments in the town and has been for many a year.  I look back to when I used to come to St Ives as a young boy and the street outside The Sloop Inn would be filled with holiday makers enjoying a pint of local ale in the sunshine.  Those days are long gone and the punters are now restricted to a seating and stading area that doesn’t spill out onto the road.  Nonetheless the area is generous but can get to standing room only at times.

I remember years ago looking on to see a large crowd of people stood outside the pub on what was a cloudy and farely cold day and as I was about to head in I said to my wife it must be heaving inside.  As we entered the doorway there was just a few couples sat drinking alone and the pub was otherwise empty.  That sums up the Sloop perfectly and it isn’t hard to see why when you can enjoy a drink and some banter with friends and family whilst looking out onto the bay that has become so famous and well loved by many.

The Sloop also serves good St Ives pub grub, usually inside, from a nice fry up of a morning to the more traditional pub favourites.  In recent years the top floor of the pub has been converted into a restaurant called the Captains Table.  Although I have not been to date I get the impression that it is a fairly middle of the road quality and budget type restaurant, but having said that the steaks looked nice!

While not my favourite pub in St Ives the Sloop is definitely one I stop in for an afternoon pint, especially on a nice day, good beer, lots of people watching and an amazing view!

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