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The Wild Side of St Ives

From time to time the beauty and tranquility of the Cornish villiage of St Ives is flipped up side down by natures forces.  After bearing witness to it a few times I began scouring YouTube for footage of St Ives amidst strong weather fronts and storms.  Here are a few video’s of peoples bad weather encounters in St Ives:

Here you can see the RNLI and The Princess Royal plough through high seas entering the St Ives harbour.  I bet the crew needed strong sea legs this day!

This video shows a strong weather front blasting the tides into the rocks at the bottom of the island, the chapel and coast guard station…

Here is a nice fun video of folks dodging the waves hitting Westcotts quay, something I have to admit I have enjoyed doing man and boy…how many of you still do this on calm days let alone days like this?!

Finally here is a video I found from 2006 when Hurricane force winds hit the St Ives bay area. It looks pretty gnarly and I am sure the surfers you can see in some of the shots had a great time…

So next time you are enjoying the calm and tranquility of a relaxing sit on one of St Ives lovely cornish beaches you can imagine the wilder side to St Ives!

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