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St Ives councillors ban dogs on beaches

In spite of two thirds of the public voting against it, St Ives councillors voted in favour of a ban on dogs on the main beaches between 8am and 7pm in the summer months. From May this year you will not be able to take your dogs onto the beaches of St Ives. Over the years dogs have become increasingly popular in St Ives with more and more holiday makers electing to bring them on their travels. In addition more pet friendly holiday cottages are springing up and dogs are allowed in most of the pubs of St Ives.

The vote stems from concern about dogs fouling the footways and beaches and dogs causing a nuisance in general. I have to say this is not something I have encountered however I usually elect to take my dog in the winter months as opposed to the summer months. This isn’t due to him being a nuisance, rather the fact that it is so crowded. Often in the summer we stay for a few days rather than weeks on end so it is ok to leave him with a relative or in a kennel. It is a shame in my opinion as a responsible dog owner but others may feel different. What are your thoughts? After all it is Your St Ives. Comment below.

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