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St Ives days gone by – Having been going to St Ives in Cornwall for over 28 years I have seen it change a lot over the years, new shops, restaurants, same old local faces. But I have always been interested in the times before that, how the town has changed, what it once looked like, what it was famous for etc. I often look back on memories of family holidays from the 90′s with a lot of fondness. I was stumbling around you tube when I started searching St Ives related keywords. I came across a wonderful little video of St Ives from the 90′s and thought I would share it with you. If like me you went in the 90′s this is very much a nostalgic little piece of video, for those new to St Ives this will serve as a nice look at St Ives from 20 plus years ago:

If you have any videos or photographs of St Ives days gone by then feel free to tweet them at us @yourstives.

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