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The St Ives Brewery was established in St Ives in 2010.  Based at Mushroom Farm in Halsetown the independent microbrewer is fast becoming a favourite of locals and tourists alike.  The flagship ale is Boilers and there is a nice story on how Boilers golden ale got its name on their site.  In addition to boilers there are other offerings such as Knill by Mouth, Cornish Golden Lager and The Artists Pint.

You can find St Ives Brewery real ales in many of St Ives establishments such as Alba, Porthminster Cafe, The Hub and many more – check out the full list of stockists here.  Not only can you taste the fruits of the breery’s labour but you can take a taste of St Ives home with you.  They sell cases in 3’s and 12’s, you can even get a keg of Boilers if you are really thirsty.

Amongst the ale itself you can also get glasses and hoodies.  I have tried most of the St Ives Brewery stock myself and I can vouch for its quality, it is the perfect way to relax whether you are visiting or buying some to take home with you.  You can purchase the St Ives Brewery produce here.

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